Creative Survival: The Background

The performances represented in The Affrilachian Memory Play series foreground a long  history of “individual independence and commitment to family, work and community across an array of Black Appalachian voices. In order to better understand how African American women’s memories of growing up in Appalachia express Affrilachian identity, the  “Affrilachian Memory Play series” was devised to offer a dramatic expression of black recognition and inclusion in Appalachia. Welcome to our journey.
We are committed to performance and ongoing research of the contributions of people of color in the region. The goal of this work to represent the longstanding culturally diverse experiences within the region of Appalachia.


Word on the Street

Audience Member

ASA Conference Attendee

“Thank you for sharing stories of memory, place, trauma and dreams. As an outsider of Affrilachia/Appalachia I think it’s so important to open up spaces that work toward hearing across communities. I hope this gets to really a broader audience so people can witness the complexities and importance of place and histories. ”

Stephanie Cornett  Appalachian Strong

“I want more! I believe this work can serve as a bridge to diversity in Appalachia. What a wonderful entre’ to possible dialogue.”

(2018 Appalachian Studies Association Reading of TOBACCO FIELDS)

Misty Skaggs

Artist, Blogger

“This performance gave me chills. I really hope that I’ll be able to catch the whole thing. I was intensely moved just with the reading, can’t imagine how fantastic the performance in its entirety will be.”

(2018 Appalachian Studies Association, Staged Reading of TOBACCO FIELDS)